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Find out if AuraTransformation™ is right for you.

Please read, think about and answer these questions honestly and truthfully.

1. Would you like to move forward in life?

2. Does living your truth, from the inside out, sound appealing to you?

3. Are you prepared to let go of the past?

4. Are you ready to take full responsibility for your life?

5. Do you feel ready to transform your life?

6. Do you have trouble keeping your energy to yourself?

7. Do you become tired easily?

8. Are you generally in good health and want to unlock even more radiance and energy?

If you can answer YES to all or most of these questions, this is exactly what an AuraTransformation can provide you with! Let's check a few more things...

9. Would you be uncomfortable or unhappy having to deal with unexpected changes in your life?

10. Are you dependent on anti-depressants?

11. Do you have any serious psychological issues? 

12. Are you using any recreational drugs?

If you can answer NO to questions 9-12, you're a perfect candidate for an AuraTransformation™. If you can't answer NO to some of these, it may be best to wait.

If you feel excited and ready, please contact me so we can schedule a Skype call (or start an email conversation) to talk about what an AuraTransformation™ can do for you.  


I look forward to talking with you! 

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