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Sofi Hellmer

Aura Mediator Instructor™ and Aura Mediator™

Would you like to move on in life, as well as get to the deeper insights and learnings?





AuraTransformation™ is a one time energy treatment that permanently expands your consciousness, gives you more personal strength, radiance as well as better intuition.
Navigating the fast-paced, ever changing world of today requires an upgraded energy system and a new aura that protects your physical body. An AuraTransformation™ will allow you to naturally align with the New Time Energy that's expanding the possibilities of life on Earth, help you define boundaries and create a life that's in balance on all levels. 

Ready for change?


If you'd like to radically move forwardin your life, an AuraTransformation™ could be a helpful part of your journey forward. An AuraTransformation™  will fuel and enhance all transformative work, truly empower you to make positive changes and create what you want in your life more easily. This is like "speed dial" in personal development so it is not for the faint hearted! It requires you to take full responsibility for your life and your actions and stay true to yourself. 

Why now?


At this time we have a huge influx of
New Time Energy, radically altering
the consciousness of everyone alive
today. Now is the perfect time to come into alignment with this energy, find new compatibility with today's youth (Indigos) and our young 

children (Chrystals). You will discover your true self, your passion and path in life.
To find out more, contact me to talk
about how AuraTransformation™ 

could be helpful in your life! Read more here.


Sessions and Courses

Sessions, Courses & Events


Would you like better intuition, more drive and personal strength? Being able to keep your energy to you, have better boundaries, more radiance and balance? How about being true to yourself in every situation? If your answers are YES, maybe AuraTransformation™ is for you. 

Balancing Session

If you have had your AuraTransformation™ but feel stuck or tired in your process, some extra energy could be helpful.  Or, if you'd like a better understanding of the elements, or the Chrystal- and Golden energy, a Balancing session could be your way forward. 1 or 2 hour sessions available. 

Aura Mediator Courses™

For you if you'd like to grow further in your process, enhance your abilities, life skills and overall quality of life. Or, if you'd like to work with others to help  upgrade their energy fields. Very rewarding!

This is an intensive 5 day course. 


I feel enormously blessed to have had an AuraTransformation™. Before my transformation I was consumed with anxiety, frustration and confusion regarding an upcoming decision in my life. Since my AuraTransformation, however, that “resistance” has completely gone away. A clear stream of energy now fills me: the way forward seems clear and happy. 


An AuraTransformation is described as an energy upgrade: you begin to track on a higher-frequency.  For me there has been an immediate spiral of benefits: greater clarity leading to greater strength in decision-making which in turn has led to increased powers of manifestation. With AuraTransformation you really are given the keys to “taking major shortuts in life.” I cannot recommend AuraTransformation or Sofi as a guide more highly!

Female US client January 2017

I experienced a wonderful moment with Sofi when I received my AuraTransformation™. Within days, I was feeling good, like my best self. The process has changed my life for the better. I work with energy every day on an energy think model, and the AuraTransformation™ was just what I needed to reinvigorate and regenerate me. I recommend it. The benefits are powerful and incredible.

Tova in Los Angeles June 2015

Just knowing I have the energy to move forward in life, no matter what happens. I feel I have new courage to be true to myself, to follow my own path, to ask when I don't understand and say no when I need to.

Maria in Stockholm, Sweden

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